Aquarium Services

Aquaria Guru Inc. is an aquarium service, installation and maintenance company in Minneapolis, St Paul and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced team will come to your home or office on your schedule. A typical visit consists of cleaning, inspection of animals and equipment and consultation. We also test the water chemistry of your aquarium to ensure a healthy environment.

Why Aquaria Guru?

  • Aquatic Experience: We have experience in aquatic wholesale, retail, online and aquarium manufacturing
  • Passion: We personally have owned aquariums for many years
  • Multiple Suppliers: We use a variety of suppliers locally and nationwide for fish, equipment, and supplies to ensure you get the product you need quickly
  • Communication: We are easy to contact 7 days a week
  • Professional: We respond to messages quickly & call customers promptly
  • Innovative: We are on the leading edge of new products and technology. We use equipment that makes your life easier and save you money
  • Easy Payments: Quick and easy payments online or with a credit card

Our Services

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or emergency visits
  • Custom built aquariums, stands and ponds
  • New system installation and setup
  • Cleaning of glass, pumps, equipment, substrate, etc.
  • Aquatic education and counseling
  • Over 12 different water tests available
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Regular water change service
  • Solutions for algae, pests, diseases and other common problems
  • Precise chemical dosing systems
  • Electronic monitoring, control and alerts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Emergency visits and power outage assistance

“We’re always just around the corner for your installation, maintenance and educational needs!”

Questions? Call 612-321-TANK (8265)