Acrylic vs Glass Aquarium

Acrylic vs Glass Aquarium

A common question we get is, “Why should I get an acrylic tank and not a glass tank?” We listed advantages and disadvantages of each. If you don’t know, acrylic is a type of plastic commonly used as a shatter resistant replacement for glass. If you have any questions about Acrylic vs Glass Aquariums, please contact us.

Glass Aquarium

+ Glass is less likely to scratch (if it does scratch, it’s extremely difficult to get the scratch out)
+ Algae can be easier to remove from glass
– Glass is more likely to break than acrylic
– Silicone seals are more likely to leak or break
– For large tanks, glass will be noticeably heavier than acrylic


Acrylic Aquarium

+ Acrylic is more impact resistant than glass (especially if it’s in a public place or if you have kids)
+ Seams on well-made acrylic tanks are stronger
+ Acrylic is lighter than glass
+ Acrylic is easily bent, molded, drilled or manipulated (great option for odd shaped tanks)
+ Acrylic can be clear, black, white, blue or other colors (many people have the back of the tank black to hide cords and equipment behind the tank)
+ Acrylic is up to 97% clear. Glass is up to 76% clear
– Acrylic requires a softer glass cleaner to remove algae
– Acrylic scratches easier, but scratches are much easier to get out (small scratches can be taken out even with water in the tank).
– Acrylic sometimes needs a top rim or brace to keep the acrylic from bowing