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Aquarium Services:

Aquaria Guru is a full service professional aquarium installation, cleaning and maintenance company. If you have any questions or are in need of a free quote regarding our products and services, please contact us or give us a call.

Experienced Professionals – Aquaria Guru employees are professional aquarium installation, cleaning and maintenance technicians. We are a team of dedicated fish and coral enthusiasts who made a hobby and passion into a thriving business. We have a warehouse and full workshop in St Paul for our service and online customers. We carry full insurance for our client’s protection and complete background checks on our service technicians. You can be assured that your home or business will be in good hands.

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Our service area is always growing – contact us to be added to our service route (even if you’re outside the highlighted area).

In-Person & Phone Consultations:

Need a professional’s advice for your aquarium? We can help!

  • Schedule an in-person consultation (30-60 minutes) with absolutely NO obligation or commitments. During your consultation, a friendly maintenance professional will give you a suggested plan of action to get your aquarium back in tip-top-shape. We will schedule your consultation when we’re in your area of the Twin Cities metro or during our regular maintenance route (if you’re not on our route or need help quickly, a low-cost mileage fee will apply).
  • For more information about our phone or email consultations, please contact us.

Freshwater Aquariums:

A freshwater aquarium is a great way to add life and tranquility to any home or office and do it on a smaller budget. There are three types of freshwater aquariums commonly kept.

Community fish tanks consist of smaller and more peaceful fish. You can create a community tank with aquarium rock, decor and fake plants (or a live planted aquarium). A planted fish tank is more complex and costs more; however, once it’s dialed in, you’ll be set up for long term success!

African Cichlid Aquarium:

An African Cichlid aquarium is commonly referred to as the “poor” man’s “saltwater” tank. African Cichlids come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are more of an aggressive fish species and tend to tear up live plants but they are very colorful and quite fun to watch. Especially when it is time to feed! They are very hardy and can breed quite often with the right male to female ratio so don’t be surprised if you see babies from time to time.

Freshwater Live Planted Aquarium:

A freshwater planted aquarium is about as natural as you can get!  It is essentially a community tank but instead of the fake plants that collect and grow algae, you can have real plants that live and grow!  With good lighting and a CO2 injection system you can plan on one “major problem”…having to trim back all the growth from your plants.  After the initial cost of setup, ongoing maintenance and care is pretty inexpensive and easy.

Saltwater Reef Tanks:

A saltwater reef aquarium is without a doubt our specialty, passion and favorite past time! It represents the most diverse ecosystem that you can put inside of an aquarium and when done right it can be a great “getaway” without even leaving your living room.

Testing Tank with Red Sea Kit

We test aquarium water to ensure your aquarium is healthy!

A reef tank consists of live corals, anemones, reef fishes, rock, crabs, snails, star fish, shrimp, and many other forms of life! It is an amazing way to unwind at the end of a stressful day. You can also add an aquarium to your office to add a little bit more peace of mind and calmness to the work day.

Saltwater Fish Only Aquariums:

A fish only aquarium consists of live rock and or fake coral decoration and more of a larger predatory type of a fish selection. You can have a nice mix of fish including lion fish, Angelfish, eels, and many other beautiful marine fishes. This is a great way to go if you Love to Feed fish and enjoy some of the larger saltwater fish with “dog like” personalities.

Lobster Aquariums:

In addition to our aquarium services, we also offer excellent care for lobster systems in many of our favorite restaurants.  This is not a specialty of many fish aquarium maintenance companies, at Aquaria Guru Inc. we use a lot of the original practices of keeping lobsters and add to them with our innovative aquarium expertise.  The main problem will be battling ammonia and we have multiple ways to solve the ammonia problem, so you can rest easy in loading up your lobster tank and have the peace of mind that they are healthy and in good care!

Fish Medical X-Rays & Exams:

Your fish is a part of your family. Sometimes you know something is wrong and need help quickly! We have relationships with veterinary professionals who complete procedures for local public aquariums and private parties.

  • Fish not eating
  • Bloated
  • Abnormal growth
  • Fish not swimming properly

Prices listed are directly from the Veterinary clinic & current as of 3/17/2014
Exam – starting at $75
Home Exam – starting at $150
2 X-ray views – starting at $130
1 X-ray view – starting at $85