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Informational & Educational Articles:

1. Reef Aquarium Parameters
2. Saltwater Aquarium Chemistry & Water Quality
3. Setting Up A Saltwater Aquarium or Converting A Freshwater Tank to Saltwater
4. Acrylic vs Glass Aquariums: What’s the difference?


Tap Water Or Reverse Osmosis Deionization Water

Never use tap water for a saltwater tank!  Besides chlorine, there are a lot of other impurities in city or well water that are harmful for an aquarium that dechlorinator doesn’t remove (such as flouride, nitrate, ammonia or copper).  At Aquaria Guru, we always recommend using Reverse Osmosis/Deionization (RO/DI) water that contains ZERO total dissolved solids (TDS). This will give you the greatest control over your aquarium, reduce algae and keep your fish or corals happy, healthy and growing.


Don’t Buy The Wrong Equipment

Having an aquarium can be one of the best pastimes; but like anything, you can’t have something good without the bad… and we’re here to help prevent the bad!  As you learn and explore the hobby, you will learn a lot and hear some conflicting information.  At Aquaria Guru, we’ve been hobbyists or have been working in the hobby for many years and know the answers to common misconceptions and mistakes. A small 4 gallon aquarium or a big 1000 gallon aquarium can be expensive to set up and can quickly drain your patience and budget!  We will help you understand the needs/costs and help you plan accordingly (before you spend a penny). There’s no worse feeling than to buy a $200 piece of equipment that doesn’t suit your needs.


Spend Less Time Cleaning… Get A “Clean Up Crew”

A successful reef aquarium can be achieved by a lot of different paths but my favorite thing to do to ensure this long term success of my reef aquarium is to put the tank inhabitants to work for me! This is key because let’s be real, life gets busy and we cannot always do maintenance on our aquariums and aquarium filtration equipment can only do so much!  While you are running errands, working, having a picnic with the family or on a short get away, your carefully selected tank crew can be keeping up while you’re a way. When I’m not at home my hermit crabs are picking the rocks of excess food or algae, the snails are cleaning the glass, rocks or sand and my fish also eat any worms or algae.  A planned out and careful selection of fish, snails, crabs, star fish, and other inverts is the best thing you can enjoy the tank more often… instead of cleaning it.