Aquatic Photos

Aquatic Photos

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. Everyone at Aquaria Guru enjoys taking aquatic photos and videos. These are just a few we enjoy!

Aquaria-Guru-Office-Nano-Tank-Web - Copy
Our office nano aquarium featuring a baby clown
fish and 2 baby Banggai Cardinal Fish
(all about 1/2″ long).


We regularly test the parameters of our personal
and customer tanks so we can make every tank
thrive! For reef aquariums, we can test about 12
different parameters depending on your needs.

Aquaria-Guru-Banggai-Cardinal-Fish-Broot-RAW Aquaria-Guru-Banggai-Cardinal Baby-RAW
This is an Adult Banggai Cardinal Fish with a mouth full of baby fish. In the right photo, a
baby just swam out of the mouth and is hiding in the Anemone.

A small Clown Fish is hiding in the tentacles of
a Frog Spawn Coral. Did you know the Clown Fish
is one of the only fish that can build up a
tolerance to some corals and Anemones without
getting stung, killed and eaten?

Aquaria-Guru-Purple-Gorgonian-270x250 small
Close up image of a Gorgonian Coral. The little
brown things are “polyps.” Each polyp includes
tentacles that grab food out of the water, a mouth
and a stomach!