Apex Aquarium Monitoring

Your aquarium is important to you and your family and we want to make sure it’s safe 24 hours a day. You or an Aquaria Guru specialist can log into your Apex Neptune controller or camera to help solve issues, check on your aquarium when you’re out of town or call you if an aquarium alarm goes off. Save time, money, and rest easy knowing a professional is looking after your aquarium.

How does the aquarium monitor and controller work?


The Apex control panel gives you complete control and piece of mind over your aquarium from home and afar. Click image to enlarge.

An aquarium controller (Apex Neptune) is programmed to alarm you, a family member, neighbor or an Aquaria Guru specialist if something goes wrong with your aquarium. In addition to email, alerts can be sent via text message to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & Verizon cell phones. When the temperature (or something else) falls out of a pre-determined range, the controller will automatically notify someone so the problem can be resolved right away and loss of livestock can be minimized.

What can it monitor, control & alert?

* Temperature
* pH
* Water Level
* Water Leaks
* Salinity
* ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential)

How Does the Optional Camera Work?

A simple camera is installed near your aquarium or in your sump/equipment room. The camera is connected to the internet so it can be viewed by you, a family member or an Aquaria Guru specialist. If you’re not by a computer, a cell phone application can be installed on your smart phone.

How Do I Get Aquarium Monitoring?

Apex Aquarium Controller w Standard Grade pH Probe, Temp Probe, Display Module Energy Bar 8

This Apex controller controls 8 components and monitors pH and temperature. Click the image to view this product.


Buy the Apex Neptune Controller to get started or contact us for details

  • Online aquarium monitoring anywhere there is internet
  • Full control of equipment anywhere there is internet
  • 24-hour alarm notification for temperature, pH, water level, water leaks, ORP, etc.

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* All services require a internet connection. Speed and performance is dependent on wireless distance to camera (if camera is not wired), capabilities of camera, your internet service provider and your equipment. Aquaria Guru is not responsible for service disruptions caused by your internet provider, power company or any other act outside our control. Aquarium monitoring is billed on a month-to-month basis and is non-refundable. Users are only allowed to access their own personal account. Unauthorized use or abuse of services is basis for cancellation without refund.